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Fault Seal Triangle allows you to conduct simple, fast and efficient fault seal analysis using any well within your Petrel(TM) project. Test the seal capacity of a bounding fault within a given throw range by assessing if a) there are effective juxtaposition seals present and b) whether viable hydrocarbon columns can be supported where the reservoir is not juxtaposed against an impermeable layer.

Key Features:

Fault Seal Analysis
Use well curve data (e.g. Vshale) to calculate the sealing capacity of a fault as a function of throw by calculating Shale Gouge Ratio (the industry standard algorithm, originated by Badleys) and converting to maximum trappable hydrocarbon column heights.

Corrections for Fluid Densities and Burial History
Correct trappable column heights for variations in expected hydrocarbon densities and geohistory (e.g. post-faulting uplift or burial).

Unique Functionality
Fault Seal Triangle introduces for the first time a geometrically-correct assessment of fault seal in growth sequences.

Fast & Efficient
An intuitive design coupled with an optimised calculation engine means models can be set-up and run quickly.

Easy To Use
Designed for all geoscientists who require a fast assessment of the sealing capacity of a fault without the requirement for building a 3D model.

Previous versions

Previous versions of the software may be downloaded from the following page