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OCTek Project

The OCTek project comprises a set of proprietary studies and reports, available for purchase, which are designed to assist new-ventures exploration of deepwater continental margins and their associated basins.

The OCTek project currently embraces two themes:
1) OCTek Gravity Inversion
2) OCTek Seismic

OCTek Gravity Inversion

The OCTek Gravity Inversion project uses a new gravity inversion technique (see references below) to map the crustal structure of global deepwater rifted margins. Within the project reports we have also restored these maps via a series of new plate reconstructions. The principal aim of the OCTek Gravity Inversion project is to assist new ventures exploration and petroleum systems modelling in frontier deepwater basins and margins around the world.

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OCTek Seismic

The OCTek Seismic project is a collaboration between Badleys and ION Geophysical. OCTek Seismic applies quantitative analytical techniques (including gravity inversion) to specific ION-SPAN seismic surveys, in order to aid the interpretation and understanding of the seismic data.

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Working together on all aspects of the OCTek project are Drs Andy Alvey, Alan Roberts (Badleys) and Prof. Nick Kusznir (Liverpool & Badleys). Nick and Alan have worked together on the geodynamics of rift basins and continental margins for more than 25 years and bring this wealth of experience and collaboration into the OCTek project

Key Publications:

OCTek Gravity Inversion:

OCTek Seismic:

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