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Optimised Resource Calculator

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ORC (Optimised Resources Calculator) enables rapid volumetric calculation of structural and stratigraphic traps using either surface data or map images. ORC automates the complexity normally associated with volumetric analysis by using highly optimised algorithms, allowing the user to report on volumes in a matter of minutes.

Key Features:

Optimised Resources Calculator
Define the reservoir/trap and assess volumetric ranges in terms of reservoir properties, fluid type and geometry by running an almost exhaustive set of stochastic simulations - in seconds.

P10, P50 and P90 reported & displayed
Results are summarised as both pdf and cdf plots, accompanying summary statistics relaying the uncertainty captured in the simulation outputs (P10, P50 and P90) and a reservoir map.

Use geometric data (surface, point set, grids) or images
ORC can use an upper (and optionally lower) surface or simply an image of a map to create the geometry required to define the trap.

Fast & Efficient
Intuitive design & optimised calculation engine mean models can be set-up and run quickly.

Easy To Use
Designed for all geoscientists who require a fast assessment of volumes without the requirement for labour-intensive and time-consuming parameterisation.