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1D Fault Seal Analysis


Triangle+ provides a way of assessing juxtaposition and fault-seal potential at various fault throws for any given input stratigraphy or well curve. In terms of specific calculations, Triangle+ supports the same fault seal attributes as the rest of T7 and its output may be modified or extended using AttCalc (Attribute Calculator).

As an integrated T7 product, Triangle+ readily accesses curve and interpretation data from 3rd party applications. Triangle+ is also available in Triangle Direct mode, which allows the user to run fast analysis using only a curve and tops (no requirement for the well trajectory or auxiliary information).

The main benefit of Triangle+ is that the analysis is fast and very simple to use. But its use is not restricted to "quick look" problems as it can also be a valuable tool for determining sensitivities to property and structural uncertainty in more fully fledged studies. With access to well curve editing functions, Triangle+ can test cases that have, for example, been made more or less shale-prone or test logs built from stochastic models.